Thai Massage

Thai Massage

Thai Massage Charlotte

Thai Massage, also called the Lazy Man’s Yoga. This type of massage is therapeutic while being relaxing. It is practiced on a mat instead of a typical massage table while the client is fully clothed.

The session involves assisted stretches, soft tissue manipulation, and deep compressions. Great for all body types!

Traditional Thai Yoga Massage dates back to 500 BC, with its roots being traced to India then Thailand.


Over time the Thai Massage has advanced into a system that is altogether novel and is generally viewed as one of the best frameworks of therapeutic massage.


What is Thai-Massage?

Thai-massage is a style of massage that consolidates pressure point massage. It is a kind of a massage that comprises of moderate, rhythmic-compressions.

Thai-massage is conducted on a mat and doesn’t use oils or cream. You are completely dressed in yoga or workout attire that permits your body to move and curve.

Our therapist may use her entire body: hands, feet and knees during the massage. We may even “stroll” on your back.

Thusly; joints and muscles are well massaged through their full scope of movement, and muscle pressure is discharged with rhythmical-compressions.


The Techniques

How Is Thai Massage Different from a Typical Massage?

• Unlike more famous types of massage, Thai-Massage uses no oil or moisturizer. Additionally, you don’t have to use a raised massage table, Thai massage is normally done on a mat.

• No oil or cream is used, so you will have your clothes on.

• The therapist uses hands, feet and knees to massage you into a progression of yoga-like movements and furthermore applies muscle pressure, joint activation, and pressure point massage.


Why Choose Escape Massage for Thai Massage?

The objective of a Thai Massage is to bring balance once more into your body by discharging pressure in your physical body.

Escape Massage offers a massage treatments variety of massage treatments in Charlotte that they will incorporate into your Thai Yoga Massage.

Our therapists are certified and well trained to provide profound rhythmic compressions, pressure point massage and full scope of movement for joints.


What should you expect after a Thai Massage Session?

You will feel relaxed after a Thai Massage; neither excessively drained or excessively invigorated. You may encounter sore muscles immediately after a Thai massage, as you would with any profound bodywork.

Solid strain and weariness is lessened and a general feeling of relaxation and peace progressively increases.


Who can profit by Thai Massage?

Thai-massage is awesome for an athlete or any individual who may require deep stretching and while additionally reducing and pain fibromyalgia symptoms.


Is Thai Massage Painful?

Thai massage is not meant to be painful.  Your massage therapist will change the pressure and technique in order to reduce pain.


The Benefits of Thai Massage

Like any other type of massage, Thai-massage has been noted to give loads of advantages, which includes:

• Relief from stress and muscle pressure

• Relief from throbbing pain

• Helps in Detoxification

• Increased adaptability and scope of movement

• Increased body energy

• Improved state of mind

• Better rest

• Lower circulatory strain


What You Need to Know Before Your Appointment

There are certain things that you need to know before you begin your massage session.

• Don’t eat a substantial feast before a massage.

• It is always important that you arrive 10 minutes early so you can have sufficient time to change before beginning the massage.

• Be beyond any doubt that your massage therapist has your entire health history, since individuals with specific conditions ought not to get a Thai massage.

• If you feel any pain whenever, let your massage therapist know.


What would it be advisable for you to expect After Your Massage?

After a Thai massage, you ought to drink a lot of water to help with detoxification. You may feel some soreness or uneasiness for the initial 24 hours, particularly in regions where you have had issues.

From that point forward, you ought to feel casual and revived!



Thai Massage will help reconnect your brain and body with your soul. It is a period for you to be still and calm, and recalibrate to who you really are.

Before the end, you will have had a more profound ordeal than just “relaxation.” For a genuinely credible Thai massage in Charlotte, consider visiting us at Escape Massage.

We will treat your body to the joy you merit. Simply book an appointment or call us at 704-426-3955.


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