Swedish Massage

Swedish Massage

Swedish Massage Charlotte

For most people, a Swedish massage is what comes to their mind when they think about a massage.

It is well known for its ability to calm the body and mind. For those who need to relax their muscles and renew their energy, a Swedish massage would be ideal.

You will get to enjoy slow kneading and gentle strokes that will ease and rejuvenate your muscles.


What is a Swedish Massage?

A Swedish Massage is the foundation for different types of Western massage treatments, including deep tissue massage and sports massage.

It functions to relax the whole body and calm the mind. It is well known for improving blood circulation, boosting oxygen level in the blood and decreasing muscle toxins.


Swedish Massage Techniques

A Swedish Massage uses techniques that are designed to promote a gradual quieting of the sympathetic nervous system. These techniques include:

  • Circular pressure applied by the hands and palms,
  • Firm kneading,
  • Percussion-like tapping,
  • Bending and stretching.


Why Choose Escape Massage for your Swedish Massage?

At Escape Massage, we are committed to offer customized massage services that are tailored to your needs!

We are located in Charlotte, NC and we focus on the complete mind and body wellness of our clients.

Here, a Swedish Massage and different sorts of restorative massage treatments are performed by experienced, licensed and accredited massage therapists.


What should you expect before a Swedish Massage?

Prior to a Swedish massage, our massage therapist need to know about any injuries or conditions that may make the massage unfit for your well-being.

Be very candid about any form of tightness, pain or allergies that you are prone to. After that, we will have you lay on a massage table. You may be directed to either face up or face down.

You will be fully covered underneath a sheet with a warm blanket. The therapist will uncover only the part of the body he/she is working on when the massage commences.


What should you expect during a Swedish Massage?

During your massage therapy session, our massage therapist will use massage oil and performs different massage strokes.

As the nervous system is soothed, the body moves into a state of conscious rest, a state optimal for deep healing.

During that state your muscles are being stimulated hence pushing stagnant blood away from the soft tissue; fresh blood is now replacing it as the circulation of blood increases with each stroke.

During your Swedish Massage it is advisable that you constantly communicate with the massage therapist so that your massage is tweaked to obtain optimal healing.


How many minutes should you expect the Swedish Massage to take?

Most people get a 60-minute Swedish Massage, but 90 to 120 minutes will give the therapist ample time to achieve the desired results.


Benefits of a Swedish Massage

These are just a few of the many benefits to a relaxing Swedish Massage and there are also many variations of this massage that work to address specific conditions or preferences.

  • Reduces Body Stress – a Swedish Massage causes a significant reduction in levels of the stress hormone cortisol. That way the massage reduces the effects of stress and serves as the body’s natural pain killer.
  • Boosts your Immune System – most customers who undergo a Swedish massage, have an increased number of lymphocytes, white blood cells that boost their immune system, this helps them fight disease causing bacteria.
  • Improves Brain Function – Swedish massage causes your hormone levels to balance. This increases levels of dopamine and oxytocin. As a result, the brain functionality improves, enhancing good mood behaviors.



In the past, a massage used to be considered a luxury, however, people have come to embrace it as a bodywork that is key to any wellness regimen.

Generally, a Swedish Massage works to promote healing while reducing the impact of injuries, stress and stiffness using simple techniques such as gliding, tapping, effleurage, and kneading.

Therefore, if you are experiencing back or muscle pain, our massage therapists at Escape massage will help ease the pain and release stress in your body.

Call us to book your appointment today via 704-413-0366 or simply visiting our contact page to contact us online.

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