Sports Massage

Sports Massage

Best Sports Massage in Charlotte, NC

While it’s true that massage treatments like Swedish and Deep Tissue can help soothe your tired muscles and relax your body, some types can target specific problems and deliver the results you need.

That is why it is advisable for people who are athletic and into sports and who are very active need a sports massage more than anything else.

Unlike the other types of massages, a sports massage works on specific muscles that have been overused and exposed to severe tension brought about by tedious and hard-hitting movements. 

So, if you need a little more than the usual massage that calms and relaxes your mind and body, book a sports massage.

Why a Sports Massage?

Generally, sports massage therapy is considered a part of an athlete’s training program. Because it targets specific areas of your muscles and is usually designed according to the type of sports. 

A sports massage is used to improve the athlete’s condition before the event. It is also used to develop a better recuperation time and help boost performance so athletes can function better during training and after the event.

A sports massage helps reduce the risk of injuries and fatigue. It promotes flexibility which in turn increases the range of movements and reduces pain and muscle soreness. Several studies conducted have found that people who had received a sports massage before or even after the event had significant improvement in terms of muscle soreness and pain.

Why Should You Choose Escape Massage for a Sports Massage in Charlotte?

At Escape Massage, we know how massage therapy can help our customers achieve the kind of relaxation and comfort their body needs. 

Our sports massage therapy emphasizes the importance of targeting muscles related to specific sports. We focus on the target areas involved in a specific sport. From there, we work on releasing the tension in the muscles by applying gentle and constant pressure. This promotes flexibility and reduces the soreness. 

Escape Massage leads the way to methodically advanced therapies promoting not only relaxation but overall well-being. Our team of massage therapists has been trained to provide the highest quality of sports massage service in Charlotte.

Sports Massage: Is It Good For You?

If it’s your first-time trying a sports massage, it is best to book in advance – at least a few weeks before your event. Without prior treatment, getting a sports massage for less than 48 hours before your event may only do more harm than good. Like any first-timers, your muscles may have to adjust to the applied pressure and may result in soreness. 

It is, however, good after the event to promote recovery. If you had a tough time in the event or training, getting a sports massage is good as it promotes better blood circulation and calms the nerves. 

As mentioned, a sports massage is not a mere relaxation session. It geared towards the enhancement of your muscles’ performance level. A sports massage works on improving your muscles and boosts performance during strenuous movement. Hence, do not expect to just lie down and relax. You will be moving around more than the usual. You need to work together with your therapists to achieve the kind of results you need. 

Like any therapy, it is always advisable to ask your doctor or trainer before getting a specialized massage like a sports massage. The stress and weariness that each athlete experiences may vary from one case to another. So, it is important to request for an assessment first to reduce the risk of severe muscle pain and soreness.       

Benefits of a Sports Massage

There are many benefits of a sports massage. Here are the most common and significant benefits particularly to athletes whose sports require leg work and body movements such as running, swimming, etc.

  1.    Reduce Pain

While pain is almost synonymous with sports and athletes, it should not deter you from performing better. Pain and muscle soreness after training or an event is common due to stress and tension. A sports massage can help improve muscle endurance during strenuous activities and eventually reduce pain.

  1.    Better Blood Circulation

Before an event, proper blood circulation is important. With a sports massage, your therapist can induce better blood flow through compression and movements focusing on target areas for maximum effect.

  1.    Mobility

A sports massage can enhance mobility, particularly in the joint areas. Focusing on targeted muscles, sports massage promotes flexibility, hence, better movement.

If you think sports massage can work for you, book an appointment with Escape Massage and experience the BEST sports massage in Charlotte. You may contact us via email or call us at 704-426-3955.

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