Best Hand and Foot Reflexology Massage in Charlotte, NC

Best Hand and Foot Reflexology Massage in Charlotte, NC

Hand and Foot Massage Charlotte, NC

In this stressful world, finding a stress relieving treatment is crucial to your well-being.

This is common with a hand and foot reflexology massage. It is one of the best stress-relieving experiences you can have.

A reflexology massage helps our customers to rejuvenate and relax their bodies!

What is a Reflexology Massage?

This is a special type of massage that involves applying pressure to reflex zones that are found on your feet, hands and ears.

A reflexology massage focuses on your reflex zones causing relaxation to your entire body.

What’s a Reflex Zone?

The reflex zone is a point on your hands, feet or ears that is connected to your body parts. The body has 10 major zones and each zone is connected to your feet. For example, the toes connect to the brain.

Why Choose Escape Massage for your Reflexology Massage?

At Escape Massage, we have qualified massage therapists who use proficient massage techniques to put pressure on your feet and hands. This helps alleviate pain on your toes and ankles.

Additionally, most of our clients experience decreased stress levels. Our massage therapists are certified and understand how to apply the right pressure on all of your reflex zones.

Our massage therapists link certain reflex points on the foot and hands to bring about relaxation on specific parts of your body.

Benefits of Hand and Foot Reflexology Massage

Despite reducing tension and stress, the reflexology massage has many health benefits.

Other than stress relief, a reflexology massage can help:

  • Increase blood circulation,
  • Release toxins,
  • Promotes healing,
  • Balances energy,
  • Reduces pain and
  • Induces a deep state of relaxation.

Reflexology Massage Techniques

During a reflexology massage session, our massage therapist may use various techniques to relax your body.

Your massage therapists may use:

  • Rubs,
  • Presses,
  • Kneading the soft fleshy ball of the foot,
  • Pulling on the toes
  • Tracing around the heel,
  • Pushing deep into the arch,
  • Squeezes and
  • Sometimes a variety of stretches can be applied during a reflexology massage session.

It is important to note that your massage therapists will equally apply rubs, presses and squeezes on the hands and ears to relax your body.

What should you expect during a Reflexology Massage session?

During your reflexology massage session, you can either seat or lie down as your massage therapist applies gentle pressure on your hands and feet.

Depending on your ailment, the therapist may focus on certain areas of your feet.

Will you feel discomfort during the session?

During your massage, you may feel some sensitivity. Each time you experience sensitivity when certain foot areas are stimulated, your body could be imbalanced.

Reflexology will help the flow of blood, nerve impulses and nutrients hence causing improved health.

Remember to always communicate your pain levels with your massage therapist. After the session, it is important that you rest and drink water.

How long does a Reflexology Massage session last?

You can see our massage pricing and hours here. However, you may spend a few minutes consulting with your therapists before the session.

This will help our therapists identify body issues such as ailments, injuries and stress conditions.


If you are feeling really stressed, or are experiencing pain in your body, consider having a reflexology massage.

This will help relieve pain and stress which is typically the culmination of all the different aspects of your life.

At Escape Massage, we apply gentle reflexology massage techniques on your hands, feet and ears to relieve chronic muscle pains and stress from your body.

For more information on reflexology massage in Charlotte, NC and other massage treatments, visit or simply call 704-426-3955. You can also book an appointment online.


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